Dr James Quekett’s Story

Dr James Quekett's Story

I have been qualified as GP for just over 20 years and I have worked as a locum GP, salaried GP and GP partner. At present my main clinical role is as a 5-session salaried GP. I have also been an appraiser for 12 years and I am currently the senior appraiser for the Cheltenham Area, these appraisal roles account for 2 sessions/week. I have additional roles as a Clinical Advisor for NHSE, I provide consultancy work via my company, and I am a doctor for GP Health, these additional roles account for a further 2 sessions a week.

I became a Senior Appraiser when the position became vacant and, as an experienced appraiser already, I wanted to maintain the continuity of our local appraiser group. I believe appraisal can be the one chance per year to have a in depth discussion with a colleague outside the practice, to discuss clinical and management issues that affect patient care.  To signpost help and support for those that might be struggling to cope with the demands of the job whilst help others to develop and challenge themselves

I really enjoy talking to colleagues and trying to understand what drives them to do their job and helping them to understand that whilst it is not always apparent GPs are still valued and respected by the majority of their patients and to try and focus on the positives.

I always try and give myself some time during a week to try out things that interest me and find that opportunities grow organically from there.  Appraising different GPs shows what a diverse and interesting group we are!

Sometimes the greatest challenge, however, is getting GPs to accept their own humanity and frailty and get them to accept support when it is required.  It is also challenging when some GPs still feel that appraisal is simply about ticking boxes.

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