Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Primary Care Workforce Hub is an initiative developed and funded by the Gloucestershire NHS Integrated Care Board.  The Primary Care Training Hub is funded by WT&E and the some funds come direct from the ICB. Visit WT&E Workforce Webpage > here

  • All of our contact details can be found on our Contact Page >

  • Find out more about Gloucestershire Primary Care Workforce Centre on our About Page >

  • There is a huge amount of information available under the ‘Resources’ tab in the menu, or through the grid links on the website Homepage >

  • Local partnership organisations who are offering training to primary care can now directly input into the training calendar.  Training Providers should register at the following link here

    If you have any thoughts or questions on training available please Contact Us > to discuss.

  • If you click on a link that does not work, it will re-direct you to the home page. If this happens, it normally means the web page the link directs you to has moved or been taken down by the host website.

    If this happens, please Contact Us > to let us know, and we will rectify it. (If you know the correct location , it would be great if you can cut and paste the link in your email)

    If you think the information is out of date or incorrect, please Contact Us >and let us know, and we can update it.

    (Again, it would be great if you can send any attachments or links to the new info!)

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