Flexible Staffing pool expansion in Primary Care in Gloucestershire – Health Care Assistant (HCA) roles

Thank you to all the HCA colleagues who have signed up to our Primary Care flexible Pool in the first week of launch. We look forward to welcoming more HCAs onto the pool and are re-sharing the information below about how to sign-up as a reminder.

Are you a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) in a substantive role in General Practice who is looking to undertake additional work within Gloucestershire? If so, please read on for further information regarding the benefits of joining NHS Gloucestershire’s Flexible Staffing Pool.

What is a Flexible Staffing Pool?

NHS Gloucestershire’s Primary Care Flexible staffing pool provides the opportunity for roles including GPs, HCAs and soon, Reception and Administrative staff to undertake additional work on a flexible basis. Noting our flexible pool’s benefits for Locum GPs and Practices, Gloucestershire wants to offer flexible working opportunities to a wider range of roles, including Healthcare Assistants.

Who runs our Flexible Staffing Pool?

The NASGP (National Association of Sessional GPs) developed our existing flexible pool for GPs and provides flexible staffing pools for HCAs in other areas.

How can our Flexible Staffing Pool support you as an HCA?

In providing the opportunity for HCAs to join our flexible staffing pool, you will be able to work some additional hours flexibly to increase your income at a time that fits around your life and your current role.

We want to highlight that: 

  • The pool is for HCAs in Primary Care who are already in substantive roles in general practice who are looking to undertake additional work which may not be available in your own surgery.
  • Other ICBs have successfully launched and are operating flexible staffing pools for HCAs
  • NASGP are not an agency, meaning there are no joining or agency fees to pay for you as an HCA. NHS Gloucestershire currently centrally funds the service.

Benefits to you:

  • Work flexibly and increase your income
  • Gain experience in other practices
  • Meet new people

How do I register?

If you are an HCA who is interested in joining our HCA Flexible Staffing Pool, please register your interest via the link below:

Please note that in joining Gloucestershire’s Primary Care HCA staffing pool, you are not in any way committed to a minimum or maximum number of hours. All we ask that is that any work undertaken via the Flexible pool, does not impact your existing HCA role in general practice.

Thanks for your time in reading this. If you have any questions, contact Gloucestershire Primary Care Training Hub on: glicb.pcwc@nhs.net

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