Newly Qualified GP Scheme

Gloucestershire Newly Qualified GP Scheme

Numerous factors are contributing to the lack of ST3s moving directly into salaried or partnership positions post-CCT such as: the wish to continue with post-graduate study, the desire to work multiple practices before making a commitment as well as the financial burden of indemnity costs.

The ICB recognises these issues and the impact they are having on the workforce and is therefore providing significant investment into the Gloucestershire Newly Qualified General Practitioners Fellowship Scheme.

The scheme offers a number of incentives aimed at compensating for these issues, for instance; flexible rotations of between 6 and 12 months per practice allowing for a diverse experience gained both through the patient demographic and the clinical functioning’s of the individual practices. In order to accommodate for the financial burden faced by ST3s a £4,000 bursary towards relevant postgraduate study, out of hours indemnity and relocation costs for year one, with up to £2,000 available in year two.

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This is a rolling programme throughout 2019/20 for which there are four places available.

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