CYP asthma training

Area of practice Children and young people with asthma

Mandatory training None

Recommended training Diploma level training on diagnosis and management of asthma (CYP module is an add on not stand alone) Specific training in asthma in children and young people

Updates Regular update/CPD (I would suggest annually)

Additional resources e-learning for healthcare – Asthma (Children and young people) – elearning for healthcare (

Free training for tier 1 – signposting – basic awareness of asthma and its impacts – to signpost and consider impacts. Suggested professions non clinical staff who may come into contact with children with asthma but have no direct responsibility for long term care (Education, social care and housing support, children’s club leaders). 45 minutes to complete, good background information for HCA

Free training for tier 2 – supporting the use of prescribed care – basic review, ensure correct use of devices, managing acute asthma attack. Suggested professions community pharmacists, ward/community nurses, health visitors, school nurses, practice nurses, nursing associates, allied health professionals. 5 sessions each taking 45 minutes to complete. Add on to existing general asthma training for practice nurses or initial training for nursing associates.

Free training for tier 3 – assessment and prescribing of asthma care – diagnosing asthma, stepping treatment up and down. Suggested professions GPs paediatricians, ED doctors and ambulance staff but very relevant for nurses undertaking these roles as an add on to diploma level asthma training. Includes diagnosis, routine and acute management and self management.

Tiers 4 and 5 are for more specialist staff dealing with difficult cases, uncertain diagnosis, hard to control asthma and severe asthma. They are available but do have an associated cost.

Clean air knowledge hub for healthcare professionals – Clean Air Knowledge Hub for the Health Sector ( Free training videos to help health care professionals understand air pollution and the impact on health, talk to patients about air pollution and provide relevant resources. Videos vary in length from 5 to 45 minutes.

Other courses

Advancing Paediatric Asthma Care Course (online) available at Cost £480. 30 hours of study over 4 months.

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