GP mentor roles available

The Gloucestershire Primary Care Training Hub are looking for 2 more GPs to join the existing GP mentoring team. GP mentors provide invaluable support to our newly qualified GPs and we plan to open mentoring to wider GPs over time.


An accredited regional training course is provided with fixed dates, your time on which will be paid. You will need to be able to commit to the majority of the dates as these are live and interactive session. The priority for attending live would be the dates for workshops 1-4, with the possibility of being able to watch a recording of the intro sessions and portfolio review session. The dates are provided below:

Introductory webinar Tuesday 7th March 2023 launch 9-10.30am

Workshop 1 Tuesday 21st March 2023 9am – 12pm

Workshop 2 Tuesday 25th April 2023 9am – 12pm

Workshop 3 Tuesday 23rd May 2023 9am – 12pm

Workshop 4 Tuesday 20th June 22023 9am – 12pm

Portfolio review workshop Tuesday 18th July 9am – 10,30am

Portfolio submission 12th September 2023


Payment is at an hourly rate of £75 per hours (including on costs), which is slightly higher than the rate set by NHSE as we wanted to reflect the importance of GP mentors locally.

  • You will be paid 16hrs to cover the training sessions
  • There is a quarterly payment of 5hrs to support CPD and peer supervision (this can be used flexibly in the initial quarter to support portfolio completion- this will be explained during training)
  • Every hour of mentoring delivered with a mentee attracts 30mins of admin time. So if 6hrs of mentoring are delivered per mentee you will be paid an additional 3hrs to cover admin time (9hrs in total)

CPD and Peer supervision

Regular group CPD sessions are provided for the GP mentors, facilitated by an experienced GP mentor and educator. Occasional further training events are offered regionally. Peer supervision is also offered to all mentors and fully funded.


Typically mentees have 6-12 sessions of mentoring per year. 6hrs is assumed, but more can be offered according to need. Mentoring sessions are usually delivered virtually and at a mutually agreed time. However sessions can be arranged face-to-face is mutually agreeable, however no travel time is payable. We have examples of mentoring taking place during a countryside walk or in a local café, so it will very much be up to mentor and mentee to decide what works best.


  • Due to NHSE guidelines mentors must be working a minimum of 3 clinical sessions in order to be on the scheme
  • At the current time we are looking for mentors who hold a substantive post, rather than solely working as a locum
  • Able to attend the training as detailed above
  • Payment is via a memorandum of understanding (MOU) paid via your employing practice
  • A quarterly return is required, via our website, to confirm the number of mentoring sessions delivered, to facilitate correct payments
  • We would ask for a minimum commitment to continue mentoring for 12 months. NHSE have stated, ‘In consideration of value for money, systems should seek to ensure that mentor GPs are able to remain on the scheme for a minimum period of one year, except for in unexpected circumstances, for example absence or retirement due to ill health. Systems may consider recovering the cost of any training GP mentors have undertaken if they do not remain on the scheme for the minimum period and an exemption is not granted.’

To apply- please complete the following application form – Application Form and return to The deadline for applications is 18th January 2023, and we hope to confirm with the successful applicants in the following week and arrange training booking.

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