Practice Managers Training

Practice Managers Training 

The Gloucestershire Primary Care Training Hub is excited to announce that there is a new training offer available for Practice Managers provided by the Practice Managers Association (PMA). Up to 30 people can attend each workshop; the courses will be run virtually via GoTo Webinar, MS Teams or Zoom.

The Training Offer will include the following courses:

HR and Performance

The 2 x 1.5 hour web workshops cover the following:

  • Employment law update 2020
  • Working at Scale
  • TUPE
  • Redundancy
  • Shared Contracts
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Performance management
  • Absence Management
  • Stress Management

Stress Management, Resilience & Wellbeing

The 2 x 1.5 hour web workshops will cover the following:

  • A difficult relationship at work
  • A project or a task where you feel stuck
  • A career decision you need to make – or an issue about your career which you’d like to explore
  • A task you have been dreading
  • A piece of difficult feedback you need to give to someone
  • Someone who works for you who you haven’t quite fathomed out – or who you have a more challenging relationship with
  • Reflecting on why a process/procedure isn’t working very well
  • A difficulty or dilemma which you face at home
  • Something you feel demotivated about

Accounting & Practice Finance

The 3 x 1.5 hour web workshops cover the following:

  • Managing Practice Finances – Overview, Contract Changes 2020, Understanding Accounts, Accounting Terminology, Types of Income and expenses, Variance analysis, Debtors and Creditors, Current and capital accounts explained, Drawings, Payroll, Property ownership – accounting treatment and buy-in / selling, Accounting Systems, What comprises the accounting system, Source records, Software
  • Financial Benchmarking , Budgeting, Cash-flow forecasting, IR35, GMS/PMS Contract Changes – Contract changes on the horizon (lost seniority, background funding of 6% ER’s Super Annuation uplift)
  • Financial Controls and Maximising your income streams, CQRS, Reimbursements, Claims, Superannuation
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  • Primary Care Networks and the future of Primary Care finances
  • Employee issues , Shared resources, Employee liabilities , Pension tax – calculations (Annual Allowance / Lifetime Allowance) and options from a tax perspective, VAT
  • Finance and Accounting Workshop

NHS Pensions Update

The 1 hour Masterclass web workshop will cover the following:

  • NHS Pensions Scheme update
  • 1995/2008/2015 Schemes – outline of each scheme, including accrual details, peripheral benefits and retirement ages
  • Annual Allowance / Tapered Annual Allowance – implications and options available including the deadline details
  • Lifetime Allowance – calculation and implications. Protection available and benefit options at retirement
  • Hour Retirement – how, when and why
  • When should you retire

Coaching & Mentoring

The 3 x 1.5 hour web workshops cover the following:

  • Managers’ role and responsibilities in ensuring a healthy and productive working environment
  • The links between resilience and performance
  • What can be done to build resilience through times of uncertainty and ambiguity (for both leaders and for their team members)
  • Practical challenges and emotional responses to change
  • Managing resistance to change and consider what happens if it isn’t managed well
  • Tools and techniques to help manage resilience in ourselves and others

The training will be open to Practice Managers, Business Managers and Assistant Practice Managers. Dates for the sessions are to be confirmed. To express your interest, please e-mail with your name, practice, contact details and the titles of the courses you wish to attend using: “request for signing up to Practice Managers Training” as a subject header.

Links to the Course Descriptors can be found below.

HR and Performance click here

Stress Management, Resilience & Wellbeing click here

Accounting & Practice Finance click here

NHS Pensions Update click here

Coaching & Mentoring click here

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