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NHS Alliance and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society put together a list of functions a pharmacist can perform in a GP practice. These broadly break down into four areas:

  • Clinical services – working with GPs and patients to address medicine adherence, reviewing patients on complex medicine regimens, triaging and managing common ailments, responding to acute medicine requests and managing and prescribing for long-term conditions (often in conjunction with the practice nurse)
  • Prescription management – dealing with medication for patients recently discharged from hospital, supporting the practice to deliver on the QIPP and QOF agenda and enhanced services, delivering repeat prescription reviews, being the point of contact for all medicine-related queries and overseeing the practice’s repeat prescription policy
  • Audit and education
  • Medicines management
    For more information from the BMA, please Click here >

What is a Clinical Pharmacist ?

The below video clearly depicts the role and responsibilities of a Clinical Pharmacist, making it a useful recourse for Practices/PCNs to help explain to Patients what a Clinical Pharmacist is.

Exciting Career Opportunities in Pharmacy with Team Gloucestershire


We have many Clinical Pharmacists in post within Primary Care in Gloucestershire funded through different schemes.

As part of the new GP contract, through a new Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRs), Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will be guaranteed funding to meet a recurrent 100% of the actual on going salary costs of additional Clinical Pharmacists.

GPC England’s longstanding ambition for every practice is to benefit from having a pharmacist. By 2023/24, a typical network of 50,000 patients could choose to have its own team of approximately six whole time equivalent clinical pharmacists: enough to give equivalent effect to that ambition. Alternatively, the network could decide on a higher, or lower number, depending on local context. A dedicated team makes it possible to create varied and tailored roles: undertaking structured medication reviews, improving medicine optimisation and safety, supporting care homes, as well as running practice clinics. Clinical pharmacists should be supervised by a senior clinical pharmacist, and through this model it will be easier to support pharmacist professional and career development at network rather than practice level. Pharmacists funded under the existing Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice Scheme and the separate Pharmacists in Care Homes Scheme will also be brought onto the funding scheme.

For more information about Clinical Pharmacists under ARRs please visit:

A guide for GPs considering employing a pharmacist

Pre Registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician (PTPT) – Resources and support for recruitment

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For more information on Pharmacy Technicians under ARRs please click the link below.

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