Sexual Health Lunch and Learn Webinars

We are delighted to promote a series of Sexual Health 1 Hour Lunch and Learn sessions via MSTeams for Primary Care Nursing and AHP Colleagues in Gloucestershire.

These sessions are based on the feedback from the CPD survey for General Practice Nurses and Allied Health Professionals and our Countywide offer. Sexual Health learning and development was identified as one of the top priorities. We would also welcome topics you wish to be included as part of any future sessions.

For any sexual health topics you wish to propose for future sessions please contact

Please complete the booking form for the sessions you would like to attend and further information will be sent to you in due course. Each topic will be repeated on a number of dates, but the content will remain the same.

Places are strictly limited therefore please do not book a place on more than 1 date for each topic.

If you subsequently need to cancel or re-arrange your reservation, please contact the pcwc inbox as soon as possible, providing your name and email address, so that places can be re-allocated to other interested individuals.

Introduction to Pill Checks

At the end of this sessions you will;

Understand how tailored regimes work for the COCP
Understand UKMEC Guidance and how it relates to patients when doing your pill checks
Have an understanding of missed pill rules
Be able to undertake a remote consultation pill check
Have an understanding of some of the issues relating to Covid.

Previous dates – 22 April, 29 April and 20 May

Available dates –

Depo Provera, Sayana Press and Sub Dermal Implants

At the end of this session you will;

Have an overview of the methods
Understand UKMEC guidance relating to these methods of contraception
Have knowledge of changes to existing guidance of these methods of contraception
Understand the administration of the Depo Provera and Sayana Press and record keeping in relation to the PGD
Be able to explain what to do if an injection is late
Manage common problems associated with these methods of contraception

Previous dates – 27 May, 11 June

Available dates –

Copper Coil and IUS

At the end of this session you will;

Have an overview of the methods
Understand how UKMEC guidance relates to these methods
Understand how to effectively undertake a ‘coil check’
Know the guidance if the coil strings are missing
Understand how to manage common problems associated with this method of contraception.

Previous dates – 17 June, 24 June

Available dates –

Introduction to Menopause/ HRT

At the end of this session you will;

Understand the menopause and perimenopause and the effect on women.
Have a broad understanding of HRT and how it is used
Understand how to guide women using local vaginal hormone replacement therapy
Be able to explain and guide ladies with regards to contraception during the perimenopausal time.

Previous dates – 8 July, 15 July.

Available dates –

Emergency Contraception

The learning objectives by the end of this session are to understand:

What is emergency contraception ?
How does emergency contraception prevent pregnancy ?
When is emergency contraception indicated ?
What options of emergency contraception are available and how do we choose between them ?
What other considerations are there ?
Should I supply Emergency contraception in advance of need ?

Commencing Combined Oral Contraception

The learning objectives by the end of this are to understand:

What is the COCP and what are the choices available to us ?
How do I assess it the woman is suitable for the COCP ?
How will UKMEC help me and what can I do if I cannot find the answer here ?
Which COCP shall I chose first?
How will I start the COCP ?
When should I advise a tailored regime ?
How do I manage side effects and which pill shall I change to ?
Can I do this remotely ?
What resources can I supply to the woman ?
What about the patch ?
What about the ring ?

If the session or topic you wish to attend is fully booked and would like to be added to the cancellation list please email the PCWC inbox. Cancelled spaces will be allocated in order of application.

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